NeNe Leakes' Latest Social Media Post Triggers More RHOA-Related Debates

NeNe Leakes' Latest Social Media Post Triggers More RHOA-Related Debates
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NeNe Leakes showed off her gorgeous outfit in a recent post on Instagram. Some of her fans praised her look, but others could not help it, and they brought up the RHOA-related dramas all over again.

It was also recently reported that NeNe sent out a cryptic tweet earlier this week.

She was asking fans if they ever had a 'close friend that was setting you up for the kill.'

She did not give any names, but it has now been revealed that the target of the message was her co-star, Cynthia Bailey.

'You can’t help but see all this good ole Brown Sugga ??‍♀️ #legs4dayzzz #thefabulous1 #OG #atldooropener,' NeNe captioned her latest photo.

Someone asked her to leave the drama and grow up: 'Hey NeNe are you mad with Cythina because she wants Kenya back on the show. Listen to you girls are over the 50s ..We did that in Our teen don't speak to that person because the leader of Group doesn't mess with that person. STOP AND GROW UP. You have a Bigger Battle to fight and is not one...She is one of the SWEETEST PERSON ON THE SHOW...DON'T STOP THAT WOMAN MONEY BAG.'

Another commenter asked 'Why was @neneleakes shocked that @cynthiabailey10 asked for @thekenyamoore back on the show? She knew Cynthia was closer friends to Kenya than to her. Maybe Nene was BOTHERED by it, but nonetheless, Cynthia can do whatever the fk she wants. Wtf is she to tell her not to? Is she her caregiver? Learn to mind your own business NENE!'

There were also people who praised NeNe. For instance, someone gushed over her look and said 'Loved your outfit. You're the best personality ever. You need your own show on fashion or something more. You're phenomenal.'


Another follower also praised the RHOA star: '@neneleakes you were the diamond in the group shining brighter than anybody ?'

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