NeNe Leakes Is Proud To Be A Self Made Successful Entrepreneurial Women

NeNe Leakes Is Proud To Be A Self Made Successful Entrepreneurial Women
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NeNe Leakes is really proud to be a successful lady and she made sure to tell this to the whole world. She publicly said that she could not be prouder of being a self-made successful entrepreneurial woman.

'I’m so proud to be part of this amazing circle of self-made successful entrepreneurial women from around the world!
I can recall just last year in November when we wanted to host our first annual LOS Conference in Miami Fl. We chose a hotel on the beach that we thought would be perfect but to my surprise, after getting the run around for a few weeks, countless phone calls and emails, we learned they didn’t want a group of black women there! (can you guess which hotel that was) This all happened just days before the events were to take place. We were left scrambling for a host hotel!' NeNe began her post.

She continued and said: 'Most Sponsors we approached seem to have given out all their funds as well so they couldn’t support us. Side eye! but i was determined to make it happen for these ladies! I put up my own money! I later got a phone call from an amazing beach hotel that said....we want you all here at our hotel.'

NeNe also said: 'You can’t stop greatnesses! We are now planning our 2nd annual Ladies Of Success conference in Miami Fl November 5th -8th - if you are a entrepreneurial woman “eating the fruit of your labor” and looking to join a circle of successful, fun, business minded women that fellowship with each other, engage in compelling conversations, support, uplift, motivate, connect and learn ways to increase your bottom line. Join us! Go to or send me an email: [email protected] and let me be your connector.'

Someone posted: 'There will be an “all lives matter Karen” commenting on the absence of white peoples somewhere in this comment section 😑.'

Another follower wrote: 'Drop some @‘s of the ladies in the picture plz or ladies tag yourselves,' and a commenter said: 'What was the name of the hotel so we can patronize them.'

Someone else posted: 'Beautiful! You go Nene. No one can stop your greatness,' and another follower wrote: 'To be Positive and Strong u u need to surround yourself with that spirit and energy❤️ love it!!'

NeNe recently shared a powerful message for her fans.

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