NeNe Leakes Is Happy To Announce Fans That Cynthia Bailey's Ex, Peter Thomas Stopped By To Check On Her Husband Gregg Leakes

NeNe Leakes Is Happy To Announce Fans That Cynthia Bailey's Ex, Peter Thomas Stopped By To Check On Her Husband Gregg Leakes
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NeNe Leakes is happy whenever she and Gregg Leakes receive support since her hubby got diagnosed with colon cancer. The couple had a pretty rough 2018, but Gregg went through surgery, and hopefully, things will get better this year.

He refused to accept chemo and preferred to try natural remedies. This was also aired on RHOA.

Now, NeNe shared a photo with Peter Thomas after the man came to visit her husband. NeNe is really close to the man and she even called him 'family'.

Her fans started addressing RHOA, as expected, in the comments section.

Someone told NeNe this: '@neneleakes you had me in stitches with your commentary predicting Kandi's ticking bomb 😂 smart move to side step the line of fire and keep looking mighty fine like you did 😋 love love loved your hair too 😉'

Another commenter posted 'She is lying for him the guy knows they were together ahead and disrespected her by talking to her ex or continue Porsha feel disrespected start fighting now she tried to cover blame instead of blaming the guy. She is making the same mistake like the 1st marriage cover for him. Insecurity she wants to show the viewers that she is ok but it is just a show Cynthia and Kenya look simpler.'

Someone else explained why they stopped watching the RHOAand told NeNe that she's their favorite star:

'@mybaileybeans I stopped watching years ago after Crater face @thekenyamoore kept taunting @porsha4real until Porsha beat her ass and @bravotv and @bravoandy still allowed Kenya to come back and also because I couldn't stomach watching old ass mean and bitter Joyce any longer. I vowed to never watch again and I haven't but @neneleakes will forever be my girl...'

Another commenter made sure to gush over Peter in the comments section and say that he was better for Cynthia Bailey: 'Peter always been fine. And honestly, he’s much better suited for Cynthia, cuz this “Chill” stuff seems forced and a tad bit “faux”. Only time will tell I guess. Still wish them both well! Prayers to Gregg & Nene! Keep fighting Gregg!❤️

Have you watched the latest RHOA episode yesterday evening?


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  • Kilbra Shiles
    Kilbra Shiles Jan 8, 2019 10:59 AM PST

    Blessings to you both NeNe and Gregg. Praying for your Healing Gregg and for your entire family. NeNe you are a wonderful woman, wife and mother. You are really showing the world the true meaning of taking wedding vows. Remember allllll things are possible through Jesus Christ. May your blessings continue to flow throughout 2019. Much love to you Mr. and Mrs. Leaks

  • Peaches
    Peaches Jan 8, 2019 3:16 AM PST

    I stopped watching RHOA also, I just had a hard time with the Twirl Queen. When she sat on that reunion show, with that wand and taunted Porsha, that about drove me crazy. It wasn’t handled correctly on both sides. I started getting negative about everyone else too. So I stepped away and started trying to fill that time with more positive things.

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