NeNe Leakes Is Criticized For Her Outfit That She Wore At The Super Bowl

NeNe Leakes Is Criticized For Her Outfit That She Wore At The Super Bowl
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NeNe Leakes had a great weekend, and she mostly hung out with guys at the Super Bowl. She made sure to flood her social media account with all kinds of pics and clips from various events and parties and fans were here for it.

NeNe also told everyone on social media that she has been people's MVP, and she told fans that she was showered with love during the past few days.

She now shared one more pics from the past weekend, and you can see one of her outfits better. This time, fans did not approve of it, and they said that she did not dress appropriately.

A lot of people criticized her in the comments, as you will see below.

Someone said: 'Too much!! Don't like it,' and another follower posted this: 'Who said having your boobs hanging out was attractive?'

A fan posted: 'This is waaaaay too much Nene...You have two grown Sons....😪....Dress respectably Woman...Geesh,' and someone else wrote: 'Damn Girl have some pride.....Cover up them BIG, SAGGY BOOBS....'

One follower posted: 'People are so critical, Ne Ne looks better than you. Let her be great.❤️'

A person had this to say: 'Wow Nene! I have not seen your transformation until now as I logged on Instagram to follow you. I didn't recognize you..but sis you were beautiful before. Why such a drastic plastic makeover? I guess you didn't feel beautiful inside and heart hurt because my daughter and I was looking at old episodes of HWOA, and my daughter just saw your makeover, she said, "Momma why did she do that?! She was beautiful before she had her surgery"! 😞'

In other news, NeNe made a lot of her fans happy when she shared a couple of photos in which she’s together with Lizzo on her social media account. They were at the party after the Super Bowl in Miami.

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