NeNe Leakes Is Also Bashed After Showing Support To Kamala Harris

NeNe Leakes Is Also Bashed After Showing Support To Kamala Harris
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NeNe Leakes is another one of your favorite celebrities who is showing support to Kamala Harris and gets bashed for it. Check out her post below.

'The world is watching your moves so the time is NOW! Write her into history because she is a qualified boss, educated, talented and deserving of all things! WIN With Black Women,' NeNe captioned her post.

A follower said: 'This woman has locked up more black ppl as a DA also sent an innocent man to death row and hid the evidence proving he was innocent! Let’s stop putting ppl in these positions bc they are black, and let’s research their track record on what they have done for ppl of color! She (them) most definitely will not get my vote! But to each it’s own.'

Someone else said: 'She’s a prosecutor 😳😳oh but let the T man 👨 get back in office. Think about your parents and ancestors. Ok to each his own KKK.'

Not everyone criticized NeNe for this post, and others showed her support.

A follower said: '#blackwomenlead we have carried the weight of the country on our shoulders for years! There is nothing a black woman cannot do! Proud to be black! Proud to e a woman!'

A commenter posted this message: 'Yyyaasss @neneleakes you are!! Stay doing what you are doing God will give you what you need!'

One other follower said: 'Good morning @neneleakes Congratulations Beautiful Queen,' and a commenter posted this: 'NeNe why You refuse to tell where is Gregg why are you acting so mysterious about Gregg😮.'

In other news, NeNe Leakes  has been accused of begging on her social media account following a recent post that she shared a few days ago on Twitter.

A lot of fans asked NeNe whether she'll be featured in the next RHOA season, and they also said that if she's missing they will stop watching the show.

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  • Maka
    Maka Aug 14, 2020 8:53 PM PDT

    The oppressors want us to be placated by these "symbolic" gestures of equality. Anyone who buys into this bs is only looking for stability points in order to further their own public image. It's a damn shame that they chose her, when the common sentiment in america currently is that police and the system have been killing too many innocents and power-tripping with their military-grade armories. Non-compliance does not equal the death penalty. Kamala oversaw and enabled so many wrongful incarcerations in her time, she is just another cog in the Man's machine. She doesn't get a pass because she happens to be half-Jamaican. A pig is a pig. Stop with the whole anyone Democrat is better vs Trump nonsense. They want us to think we only have two options. Nothing changes and we just take it. How long are we gonna wait? Don't be afraid to speak your mind.

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