NeNe Leakes Invited Her Long Time BFFs For 'Cocktails & Conversation' - Watch The Juicy Video

NeNe Leakes Invited Her Long Time BFFs For 'Cocktails & Conversation' - Watch The Juicy Video
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NeNe Leakes recently invited five of her friends whom she knows for years to have a chat with them on Cocktails & Conversation - the exciting YouTube series that she has for a while. Check out the ladies in the video below.

'Recently I invited 5 of my RANDOM girlfriends who I’ve known 15, 20 and childhood years over for “Cocktails & Conversation” we talked about ALOT of stuff so don’t walk, RUN on over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe (it cost you NOTHING) #lifeofnene💋 #casaleakes #dontplaywitme,' NeNe wrote on IG.

Someone said: 'I don't know why that Claudia has been bitter about Nene since the one season she appeared on the show. It's sad.'

Another follower posted this: 'Nene, I can’t believe that lady said that about you! Some people try so hard to be relevant !! I would assume she would stay in her lane especially after being dragged by 50 Cent!!!! Smh! Jealousy is a disease!'

One commenter posted: 'NeNe you do too much! You know you! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone! Gurl stop giving them your energy! They’re going to talk if you’re doing good, bad, poorly, whatever. Do you girl! If you keep talking about it, it just gives the power to know that they got to you. Let it go, Let them talk, NeNe Leaks Knows what NeNe Leaks does!'

Another follower said: 'One thing I can say Nene has real friends and then she has reality tv friends. Only people who talk about her is reality tv friends. Just watching this video. She is more comfortable with this group of friends compared to reality tv friends.'

Somoene else who enjoyed the conversation said: 'I enjoyed you and your "real" long term/childhood friends with varying opinions and lifestyles. Not one of them displayed competitiveness towards your endeavors. Y'all cleared up the never, have you ever, and why you do not partake in (rumored) substances. The fake friends always wanting more, hateful, spiteful, competitive, manipulators, and will smile in your face Backstabber friends are not genuine. Undercover with a smile. Real recognize the real ones. There is a difference and levels - associate, acquaintance, friend, bestie (confidant, sharing/caring, real rider) friend. Blessings and continue to strive NeNe.'

Other than this, NeNe made heer fans super excited when she shared a video on her social media account in which she’s in her famous closet that triggered so much drama over time.

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