NeNe Leakes Intervenes As Princess Love Norwood Cries And Lashes Out At Ray J In New Video And Drops This Bombshell About Their Marriage

NeNe Leakes Intervenes As Princess Love Norwood Cries And Lashes Out At Ray J In New Video And Drops This Bombshell About Their Marriage
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Princess Love Norwood and her husband, Ray J, have decided to take part in an unscripted and honest conversation on a show called The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love that will air this weekend on the Zeus Network as a limited series.

In a sneak preview, the pair sat down face to face and lashed out at each other. Princess Love made it clear that she is no longer in love with Ray J because he abandoned her in Las Vegas while pregnant with their son, Epik.

At some point, the exchange got so heated that Princess Love fled the room.

One person told Princess Love to tone it down and stop spreading negative energy to her children, Melody and Epik: "All that negativity around them babies. They don't deserve that. That type of toxicity is felt and picked up viscerally by children! Educate yourself, woman, before there is any more collateral damage done to others who suffer from the impact of his and your emotionally unhealthy life of constant drama. He is a “narcissist,” that’s no secret, but you made the adult choice to marry that narcissist, so either sh*t or get off the pot. You BOTH need independent counseling! There is a reason you both gravitated towards one another. You both are maturely stunted, and the ones who will suffer the most will be those innocent children because, as parents, you are the first example from which they learn."

Another backer explained: "I just don’t get it, why do you want the public to see your meaningful conversations about shit that could potentially affect your family. 🙁 Everything is not for everyone! Then he is laughing like he doesn’t care about the embarrassment that he has caused you already."

A social media user revealed: "I don't think most women can't sense that their babies pick up on negative energy. Unfortunately, this is their father, so when working with someone who has work to be done, 🤷🏾‍♀️ it doesn't go perfect for everyone. She's human and trying to love this goofball. I'm pretty sure she thinks about the energy it brings her children as most women do who have disagreements with the father."

This person wrote: "We get a clip here and there to hype things up for a show. Nothing we see on social media gives us a real picture of what goes on in their daily lives or what is really around their children. And it would be wonderful if life was all flowers and butterflies, but people really do have their own individual problems to work through. And that's okay."

Another fan said: "But it doesn't mean the parents have to stand for being disrespected just cause they have kids together. Children absorb what they see at home, so if @princesslove doesn't stand up for herself and keeps letting him disrespect her, don't you think that's also gonna affect the kids growing up? Aren't they gonna feel like "well my mom had always stuck with my dad even when he was treating her badly, so maybe that's what love is"?"

Princess Love responded with: "Our babies don’t experience any negativity; they only know love."

NeNe Leakes reached out by saying: "You have to teach people how to treat you! I love you both! Communication is the key."

Will they listen?

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