NeNe Leakes - Here's How The Other RHOA Stars Feel About Her Possibly Being Fired!

NeNe Leakes - Here's How The Other RHOA Stars Feel About Her Possibly Being Fired!
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There have been rumors that NeNe Leakes got fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta but, not too long ago, she denied that was the case . However, it seems like she has not signed the contract for the new season so anything could happen.

But how do her castmates feel about the possibility of the OG not returning?

Fans of the show might find it difficult to even imagine the show without her since she’s been there from the beginning and it sounds like Porsha Williams feels the same way.

This is what a source dished via HollywoodLife, explaining to the news outlet that ‘Porsha is really hoping NeNe does sign her contract and comes back to the show. They have gotten really close especially during this quarantine. NeNe's like a mother hen to her and always is checking in on PJ, it’s sweet. They have come really far.’

However, as far as the other co-stars are concerned, Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey, they don’t really care either way.

‘They’re not surprised that NeNe hasn’t signed her contract yet because she does this every season. Last year she wasn’t in the first few episodes because she refused to sign her contract. They know NeNe is NeNe. They know she doesn’t make or break the show and feel it’ll go on successfully with or without her in it,’ the source claimed to know.

After a report that NeNe would not come back for season 13 appeared, her manager, Steven Grossman, addressed the speculations in an official statement.

That being said, he stressed that it’s not true that she was fired and told people she was assured she'd always be welcome to the Bravo series for as long as she wants to be on it.

At the same time, he confirmed that at this point, the network has ‘not made any decisions regarding next season specifically.’


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