NeNe Leakes Has Fans Wondering If Phaedra Parks And Her New Man, Medina Islam, Are Married With This Comment

NeNe Leakes Has Fans Wondering If Phaedra Parks And Her New Man, Medina Islam, Are Married With This Comment
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Rumors around Phaedra Parks have indicated that she might be considering a return to the TV screen at some point in the near future, although exact details remain unconfirmed.

Reports indicate that he Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has been involved in the filming of the new season of Marriage Boot Camp , with her new man.

One thing is certain, though -- Phaedra has not decided to keep her latest romance under the radar, and her fans are delighted that they have not missed anything important from her life.

She will likely make an appearance together with her new boyfriend, Medina Islam. There have been various reports indicating that the two might be going through some difficulties right now, which could indeed make them viable candidates for Marriage Boot Camp .

At the same time, the fact that the show is specifically focused on married couples has raised some eyebrows. The main speculations among Phaedra’s fans right now include that she might be considering getting married.

Nene Leakes had this to say about the marriage thing: “I didn’t know that [Phaedra] was getting married. Phaedra just texted me a couple of days ago and said she had a dream about me. So I’m surprised she didn’t say she was going to Marriage Boot Camp.”

Some of Phaedra’s supporters have also questioned the claims that she is getting back on the screen in the first place, and it seems like not everyone is entirely convinced right now.

As can be expected, Apollo Nida’s ex-wife has not made any comments on the situation and has been keeping a low profile after the rumors started circulating.

It is possible that she has been trying to play into the hype, however, as it would be a smart move for her at the moment. It is claimed that the couple is trying to decide if they should move in together.

The attorney is also thinking about leaving Atlanta for Los Angeles with her two sons, Ayden, 9, and Dylan, 6, to be Medina.

In a recent interview she said this about her beau: “He’s a really good guy. He’s very calming and soothing and mild-mannered. I always dealt with the bad boys, and he’s very opposite from any guy I’ve ever dated. So that’s refreshing.”

She added: “It’s hard doing the long-distance, especially bi-coastal, because LA is a super long flight, outside of just the time difference. But we’ve been making it work! He’s an actor, so he’s New York quite a bit, and then he comes to Atlanta, and I get to LA to see him as well.”

Phaedra is really good at this reality TV thing.

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