NeNe Leakes Has Fans Laughing Their Hearts Out With Her Latest Advice

NeNe Leakes Has Fans Laughing Their Hearts Out With Her Latest Advice

NeNe Leakes' most recent piece of advice that she shared with her Instagram followers made them burst into laughter. The flooded her comments section with all kinds of laughing emojis, and if you read her message, you'll understand better what we're talking about.

Someone wrote '@neneleakes girl I’m dead I can not with you, this made my day thank you!!!!!!'

Another follower said 'Wise words.....I used to think if they come back, they were yours from the beginning, but the truth is that they leave again, lol! Lesson learned.'

Another NeNe supporter also said that 'Oh this had me laughing I began reading expecting it to say something else (something loving and caring) ????'

One 0f her fans wants to use this on their Facebook: 'I'mma screenshot this post on the Facebook book, that DAMN NeNe Leakes, thanks, girl.'

A more serious person had this to say, bringing up the fact that NeNe once took Gregg Leakes back after they broke up:

'That’s not how it really go In real life LIFE ‼️You took Greg back in real life No shade though I love you and Greg together IJS.'

Another commenter threw a subtle shade at NeNe and here's what they said: 'I’m glad she’s living her life, but she’s getting old, and will Greg even want her when one day her age will catch up to all that plastic surgery to look young. So, brother, I have my popcorn ? ready for that day. Who will want her then!!!'

Speaking of shading others, NeNe also made sure to share someone lately.

NeNe threw some massive shade at her younger RHOA co-stars . More than that, she might have shaded young women in general.

During a recent interview, NeNe was asked how long she plans to stay on the show, and she answered that she wants to be there for another 11 seasons.

She added ‘Girl; I can hang with the best, honey. A lot of these chicks, they might be a little bit younger, but they don’t look as good. They look old!’


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