NeNe Leakes Has A Powerful Message For Her Followers And They Freak Out

NeNe Leakes Has A Powerful Message For Her Followers And They Freak Out
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NeNe Leakes sometimes post all kinds of messages on her social media account, some of them motivational, others targeting her enemies. Have you seen her latest post? It's filled with subtle hints! You can check it out below:

'It speaks VOLUMES about your character! Basically, you're saying ??you, and that’s how you get F’d up?? just saying what the steeets said??‍♀️? #streettalk #respectthecode #dontshootthemessanger,' NeNe captioned her post.

Her fans freaked out believing that she's talking about Kenya Moore or Phaedra Parks.

'Phaedra was fired. U think she just dropped those coins voluntarily??' someone posted in the comments section.

'Ain't nobody thinking about Kenya!! Except Y'all....Nene please continue to live your best life and post what the hell you want on your page!!! These little girls tripping. #sosad,' another follower said.

'Y’all take everything to serious. Everything NeNe say You guys try to put a negative on it.. yo get Y'all I’m giving y’all a 101.. if it doesn’t apply.. let it fly.. and please believe Kenya was a c-list starring in movies.. she wasn’t doing that great.. most of U guy’s would not have even heard of her if she wasn’t on RHOA.. Please..give it a break.. have a Kit Kat,' someone else also defended NeNe, saying she's not referring to any of the RHOA ladies.

Aniother person agreed, and said that 'Just because a person Quote something does not mean that they are talking about anyone damn! Why put a name to this Quote I’m pretty sure if my girl NeNe wants to tell Kenya something she can Period?'

There were a lot of fans saying that NeNe also has her own life outside of the RHOA series: 'Reading these comments got me like “WHO SAID THAT!” Y’all seriously just created a problem. @neneleakes I think they forget you have a life outside of #RHOA'

Kenya was reportedly eliminated from the TV show due to the fact that back in 2017 she hid her wedding from the Bravo crew, among others.


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