NeNe Leakes Has A Message For Her Fans Regarding Asking People For Favors

NeNe Leakes Has A Message For Her Fans Regarding Asking People For Favors
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NeNe Leakes had a message that she really wanted to share with her fans and followers on social media. She is talking about hustling and about asking people for favors when you are really in need of something.

'Me all day’ i don’t ask for nothing! If i get up the nerve to ask, please give it up because I’m truly in need, and it took A LOT for me to do it😩' NeNe captioned her post.

People agreed with her in the comments, and they made sure to let her know this.

Someone said: 'Yassss Nene that’s me, I don’t like asking.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Yes, that’s a characteristic of a Sagittarius. I am the same way, Dec. 11 baby.💞'

A fan told NeNe: '💯 me I hate asking people for anything. I’d rather do without. Especially when you know how people truly feel when you ask.'

Another commenter agreed as well and said: 'Man... this is the truth! I need help right now making it through law school actually. Auntie Nene 🙃'

Someone else said: 'That’s me.. I will do without first, so if I ask, I really really need you, and I struggled.'

In other news, NeNe and all the RHOA ladies are excited because the show will be back on TV this Sunday .

The peach holders have announced the great news to their fans, and everyone is really excited and cannot wait to see the show again on TV.

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