NeNe Leakes Poses Happily With Gregg Leakes After They Both Apologized For Hurting One Another

NeNe Leakes Poses Happily With Gregg Leakes After They Both Apologized For Hurting One Another
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NeNe Leakes seems in really high spirits these days after she announced on social media that her hubby Gregg Leakes managed to defeat cancer.

She also made sure to slam breakup rumors which surfaced last week after people saw one RHOA episode which was filmed back in 2018.

Now NeNe poses with her husband on social media after she made sure to apologize to him for not knowing exactly how to act during this really difficult time in his life.

He did the same thing and apologized to her. Fans are now convinced that neither of them wanted to hurt the other.

Someone commented 'Beautiful picture, stay strong! Looking handsome Gregg, much love & healing energy sent!X💕💕💕'

Another follower believes that 'Gregg's apology was very sincere. You can tell he doesn't want to hurt you @neneleakes and he truly loves you. He's scared. I pray for healing for Greg, and I pray for your strength. Blessings.'

Someone else told NeNe '@neneleakes I am so happy to see you and your husband Fighting cancer together I admire you so much stay positive and keep God first.. Yall breakthrough is coming.. In Jesus name.'

One fan was really upset for the time when NeNe could not take it anymore: 'Threatening to leave your husband when he has Cancer... just wow 😮 When my dad had Cancer my Mom worked harder than I ever saw her work before to take care of my Dad ... I always liked you on RHOA, but when you’re wrong, you’re wrong... sounds really selfish... When you guys have made it through this trying time in your lives, you might look back n watch n listen to some of the things you’ve said this season regarding your husband having Cancer, and you might realize it’s not all about you all the time.'

A supporter told the RHOA star: 'Neneleakes keep holding your head high and keep living your life! Because these people don't know anything about your life for REAL. STAY BLESSED.'

It's great that these two managed to remain together and fight Gregg's disease.

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