NeNe Leakes Gushes Over Lisa Bloom Who Is A Part Of Her Team Now - Fans Freak Out That She's Suing RHOA

NeNe Leakes Gushes Over Lisa Bloom Who Is A Part Of Her Team Now - Fans Freak Out That She's Suing RHOA
Credit: BET

NeNe Leakes gushed over Lisa Bloom on her social media account. She just told her fans that she became a part of her team. You can check out NeNe's message below.

'Happy I now have @lisabloomesq on my team! I’ve stayed quiet a long time and gathered info along the way. Now I’m gonna make some noise #waitforit #unfair in confidence go here👉🏾[email protected]' NeNe captioned her post.

One follower said: 'She removed RHOA from her bio ( not sure if it was there before, but it’s not anymore ) 😭I love nene.'

Fans started to freak out in the comments at the thought that NeNe might be suing RHOA: 'Who are you suing? RHOA? If so good 😊 for you because I’ll never watch again if you’re gone.'

Someone else wrote: 'You already lost with her on your team, I'm scared for your defense with this horrible attorney.'

One follower said: 'Be careful, she backed Weinstein for a long time,' and someone else posted this: 'Omg? She's the 'typical " go-to for drama type lawyer. She's a joke! No one takes her seriously. This must be TV show?'

A commenter posted: 'If I'm over how unfairly you've been treated, I can ONLY imagine how you feel. Get them!' and another one of NeNe's fans said: 'The same lawyer who was trying to help Weinstein. Nice one ms. Leaks. Do your research.'

One commenter doesn't agree with NeNe working with Lisa: 'Nene this is a horrible decision. Fire @lisabloomesq immediately. She stands for THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU DO and is AGAINST WOMEN. Very disappointed to see this. Do better. Educate yourself. This is embarrassing. @neneleakes.'

In other news, NeNe was recently in the spotlight for her Super Bowl outfit.

NeNe shared more pics from the past weekend , and you can see one of her outfits better. This time, fans did not approve of it, and they said that she did not dress appropriately.


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