NeNe Leakes Gushes Over BFF Marlo Hampton Amidst Porsha Williams Feud And Has Another Shady Message For Fans

NeNe Leakes Gushes Over BFF Marlo Hampton Amidst Porsha Williams Feud And Has Another Shady Message For Fans
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NeNe Leakes has been celebrating her 51st birthday for a few days. But what her fans seemed to appreciate the most were the pics with Gregg Leakes in which he was looking much better .

Fans were ecstatic to see NeNe's hubby looking healthier and happier, and they hope that his battle with cancer will finally end and he'll defeat the horrible disease.

During the past days, NeNe also made sure to post all kinds of hints regarding friendship and fake people.

Her latest posts seem to be coming from the same place.

She shared a message for her fans (which everyone seems to be pointing at Porsha Williams again), and she also flaunted her friendship with Marlo Hampton with a few pics.

'This Bday shindig was hosted by none other than my PARTNA @marlohampton She stay pulling surprises❤️ Thanks to the owners for showing us a nice time #nenebdayweekturnup' NeNe captioned her post with Marlo.

Someone wished her all the best and wrote 'Happy Birthday to you continue to enjoy your Day with your family and friends.

Another follower said 'Dear @bravoandy can we get the Marlo and @neneleakes special of them traveling the country. Glam-ping and all. It would be EPIC !!!!!'

Someone else is confident that these two are related: 'Omg! Y'all MUST be related cause I never noticed it before, but you guys literally look like sister (like blood-related)???'

As we said above, NeNe also had a message for her fans. Check it out below.

'This me dog! I always free my time for those I care bout! Know the differences people #youbetterregonize,' she captioned her post.

People started debating RHOA-related issues in the comments section.

Someone said that 'the ratings are down cos no Kenya. Everybody knows Kenya runs the show. I don't like Porsha, but Porsha is doing it better than Nene, Nene seems very boring nowadays.'

Another follower slammed NeNe and said '@neneleakes why are you always so quick to call your fans and people names? Do you really lack vocabulary or can't express yourself adequately? I feel pity for you seriously, and that's no shade. No way you ain't depressed with very low self-esteem. Get help.'

We hope that the RHOA ladies can sort things out before the end of the year because it would be a shame to start 2019 with feuds all over the place.


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