NeNe Leakes Gushes Over Her Gorgeous Goddaughter, Noelle Robinson - See The Pics Here

NeNe Leakes Gushes Over Her Gorgeous Goddaughter, Noelle Robinson - See The Pics Here
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NeNe Leakes does not have the easiest time of her life these days. This has been going on since Gregg Leakes; her husband has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Anyone who has even taken care of a patient, a family member, knows very well how hard this can be and sometime NeNe feels that being a caregiver can be very tormenting.

Sometimes people have accused her of not treating Gregg right, but she explained that you could not know what goes on between them from the outside.

Her diehard fans have been more than supportive with her, and they told her that they are here no matter what. Some fans also know what it feels like to be a caregiver and they understand her struggle.

We really wish both her and Gregg lots of strength and health to be able to get past this extremely difficult time in their lives.

NeNe had a happy day when she met with her goddaughter and she made sure to mark the even with some pics on social media.

'My God Daughter @noellerobinson is a sweet beauty 😍 proud of you ladybug' NeNe captioned one of her pics.

Someone said that 'She truly embraced you she needed that hug. Hugs are always the best and right on time.👍🏽❤️'while another follower gushed over their embrace as well: 'Awww just Beautiful you two. The Queen & Princess.'

Someone wanted to offer NeNe a bit of support and said 'I know what you are going through being a caregiver. I took care of my dad and my husband while they were fighting cancer. Praying for Greg and you and the family.'

Our prayers and positive thoughts are with Gregg and NeNe.


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  • Joyce Achiri
    Joyce Achiri Jan 15, 2019 9:00 PM PST

    Nene there are a lot of us (your fans) praying for you two. I am so proud of you. You are a strong and beautiful Black woman. Remember, God's got you and He will not forsake you. Keep your head up and you will be OK. Rest in Him. You are His beautiful child who He loves very much. Be encouraged you are in my prayers.

  • Pdiddy
    Pdiddy Jan 15, 2019 10:38 AM PST

    Nene stay strong. Stay in prayer. Keep doing what what you doing. Love you on the show, always been my FAVORITE, you and them reads!! You give me life! Funny to me keeps me laughing !! And yhou just real.

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