NeNe Leakes Gets Emotional Talking About Kenya Moore Feud - Blames Cynthia Bailey For It!

NeNe Leakes Gets Emotional Talking About Kenya Moore Feud - Blames Cynthia Bailey For It!
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After the RHOA finale, Nene Leakes opened up about her feud with Kenya Moore, claiming that before Cynthia Bailey got involved, the bad blood wasn’t that bad! That being said, she told her fans that Bailey is not as sweet as they may think, watching her on the small screen.

The drama between Nene, Kenya, and Cynthia is pretty explosive nowadays, and Nene wants people to know that there is more to it.

Following the Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale, Nene decided to shoot a clip in which she opened up about the whole drama.

It is safe to say that she got pretty emotional and she also proceeded to put the blame on a certain someone – Cynthia.

‘Now, I want to say — I never had an issue with Kenya like that. Where all of this is even coming from, is the person in the middle. That is all I can think of. Because [Cynthia] gets to hear what I am feeling and what I am saying. and they get to hear what she is saying and she is feeling. And my thoughts are, she is probably carrying messages back and forth and twisting some things,’ the reality TV star alleged in the video.

‘Now, I know she wants to save face. She wants to be known as this nice, sweet person, but that's not the case,’ Nene added about her co-star.

The show’s fans were able to see during the finale that Cynthia told Kandi Burruss she intentionally did not tell Nene that Kenya, with whom Nene was having a feud, was also coming to her new drink’s launch party.

She apparently did it on purpose to set the two women up for conflict but told Nene she did not know Kenya was coming.

That being said, Nene had no idea about the chat between Cynthia and Kandi until after the finale, which is why she was so shocked and emotional in the clip she filmed after.


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