NeNe Leakes Gains A Lot Of Fans With Her New Videos - Check Out Her Messages Amidst Massive Health Issues

NeNe Leakes Gains A Lot Of Fans With Her New Videos - Check Out Her Messages Amidst Massive Health Issues
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NeNe Leakes managed to freak out her fans when she revealed that she's very vulnerable in the front of the coronavirus these days, due to a serious health issue that she recently had.

Now, NeNe has some messages for her fans and she filmed herself to share them on her social media account. Check out her new clips below.

Someone told NeNe: 'You should have made a mask with your boutique logo on it. Why give your money to LV.'

Another follower said: 'Just remember back in the day those Democrats didn’t want people of color to the vote! FYI,' and someone else posted this message: 'Always send the right message!! Vote Georgia! I love you and your family Nene! Always positive vibes.'

A commenter wrote: 'Vote! If we were denied the vote it would be a problem so we have it, use it!' and another follower posted: 'Yeah that’s right get the young people out here to exercise their right to vote. I voted last week and my son lives in Atlanta I made sure he voted 👏🏾❤️.'

Another follower said: 'Good morning, so happy to see you out there getting your vote in. Stay safe.'

NeNe shared another message for her fans and you can check it out below.

A fan posted: 'Kind of early for the printer to be broken!! That’s so frustrating!' and someone else said: 'Ask them for the 800 number and complain and the will come out and fix the problem. Nowwwwww.'

Another follower said: 'I can already see it's gonna be a mess election day.....the Republicans will be trying some sneaky stuff.smdh It would Be interesting if other polling stations experience this :/ well done for leading by example n voting 🖤'

Someone wrote: 'We vote with paper ballots in Australia. Works fine if the people managing the polling station are registered volunteers and the room is fit with cameras. Maybe vote anyway but ask for a receipt/record. Film yourself posting the ballot. Good luck!'

In other news, NeNe had a few words  to share about some of the celebrities’ false claims that they are concerned about the protests following George Floyd’s death.

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