NeNe Leakes' Fans Slam Her Hard After This Post In Which She Asks For Help

NeNe Leakes' Fans Slam Her Hard After This Post In Which She Asks For Help
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NeNe Leakes shared a post on her Twitter account, asking her fans for help. Check out what she told them that had some people upset.

A follower believes that NeNe's post is not appropriate: 'People are hungry and dying and you are looking for a yacht? I don’t know if you do but try going to a food line and help that way or, better yet take some people in need with you.'

A commenter said: 'mrs Leakes please stay in your city and away from mine because we TIRED OF THESE DAILY rises IN CASES! y’all leave my city TF ALONE!!'

One commenter said: ' know u already got reservations for it already. Just seeking for what u seem to do lately...attention. COVID19 has reservations in Florida too. Be safe!'

Someone else posted this: '50% of these comments only display that you guys are mad bc you're broke and can't afford to be on a yacht Just keep strolling Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat.'

A follower said: 'Not really! Try it’s because who the hell puts a tweet like that in the midst of the disarray in the world. The pandemic. The deaths.BLM’s.Cmon girl. She’s being so superficial like she doesn’t care wtf is going on in the real world. I for one am not jelly of her or her money. I have a Red heart.'

A commenter said: 'How insensitive to most of America trying to keep our houses and put food on the table. Go ask your rich friends. Face with rolling eyes.'

Other than this, NeNe Leakes  sent a message to her fans that had some people talking in the comments.

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