NeNe Leakes' Fans Believe That Behind Her Smile, There's Hidden Sadness And Concern - Check Out Her Latest Pic

NeNe Leakes' Fans Believe That Behind Her Smile, There's Hidden Sadness And Concern - Check Out Her Latest Pic
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NeNe Leakes posted a photo on her social media account in which she's flaunting a nightgown and she looks really beautiful. Some of her fans praise her looks and say that her hubby Gregg Leakes is a lucky man, others bring up RHOA series as usual, but there are also people who are concerned about NeNe.

Haters were quick to slam NeNe for the usual things, RHOA, plastic surgery and more. But there were also fans who defended her just like they always do.

'I don't understand why people post negative comments. If you don't like someone, why are you on their page in the first place? It seems like you would just not be here and go to someone's Insta page that you DO like. And I'm thinking that regardless of what you say, Ms. Nene is gonna keep on being a boss and pushing thru. Just sayin',' one of her fans posted.

'Kenya has a lot of undercover fans don't be fooled by the number of followers she has. Now the fans are pissed that's why you see the reaction. Season 11 will flop because she's not around.. Trust me..' someone else brought up RHOA again and Kenya Moore who has been eliminated from the show after hiding her wedding to Marc Daly last year.

'NeNe, that dress said what it said! HOT LIKE FIRE! Beautiful Doll!,' someone else gushed over NeNe's looks.

'Her face looks younger and thinner. Some work. Doesn't really looks like the NeNe I know. But she's still cute,' another follower noticed.

Someone else wanted to draw attention upon the fact that maybe something else is going on with NeNe and posted 'Nene is smiling, but there are tremendous sadness and concern behind that smile. She may be losing weight; stress will do that. Let's all remember what that makeup, that beautiful dress, and smile don't tell us, she needs our prayers and support @neneleakes.'

We hope that NeNe is okay and that Gregg is doing better these days.


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  • Lady T
    Lady T Jul 31, 2018 7:40 AM PDT

    She looks like Tamar Braxton And that's not a good thing with all that makeup on.

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