NeNe Leakes' Fans Are Happy To Have Seen Her On Yesterday's RHOA Episode

NeNe Leakes' Fans Are Happy To Have Seen Her On Yesterday's RHOA Episode
Credit: Bravo TV

NeNe Leakes' fans are in awe after in yesterday's RHOA episode they got a chance to see her. She made an announcement on her social media account, and fans hopped in the comments to tell NeNe how pleased they are that they saw her.

'Catch me TODAY as your guest co-host! I’ll be sitting in for @michaelstrahan TUNE IN,' NeNe captioned her post a few hours ago.

A fan exclaimed: 'RHOA was finally a good show to watch again last night with the queen back on! It has been so boring without you! Been missing you!'

Someone else said: 'So nice. I bet none of the other girls got picked for this opportunity... I’m sure the ratings skyrocketed when u were on the show as a guest. What can I say when u got it u got it. And no one can take that away from u. No matter how much they try. The people just love u. I’m happy for u. Congratulations.'

One commenter gushed over NeNe as well and said: 'Nene you making that paper so let the haters hate. Those that don't want to be your friend let them go. Just maybe the season is over. Everybody is not in your life forever!! But I do hope you and Cynthia can make amends.🙏🙏'

One Instagrammer praised NeNe and said: 'So proud of you! Won’t He do it? Resist the urge to be pulled into the drama. When we engage, we get out of character and miss our blessings; these people out here ain’t worth your livelihood.'

Another fan told the RHOA star that they 'Definitely will be watching. Nene you're such an amazing woman. I personally love the then and now you. I’ve been loving the low key nene. Just doing me, nene. Getting to the money nene. Keep shining, keep coming up, keep doing what the work God has for you beautiful. I wish nothing but blessings on top of blessings for you. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I know for the two little ones I have to keep trying and elevating. Have a wonderful Monday Beautiful.❤️'

NeNe entered in 2020 with Gregg Leakes by her side , and the couple could not be happier.

Followers and fans are happy to see them together, and they cannot be more pleased after Gregg found out that he’s officially free of cancer.

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  • Edna L Perkins
    Edna L Perkins Jan 8, 2020 3:47 AM PST

    When Black Women get together it should be Uplifting, Encouraging, This show is only showing us as Angry, Blackstabbing, and as Mean Girls, Unloyal, The only True Mean Women is Kenya Moore get het off the Show, she herself has no redeeming features, she sold her soul for Money does it all for Money Hogging all the on Camera Time cutting the others off when they are speaking Jumping in all Cynthia scenes, lying sayings she will die for Cynthia, that was so transparent the lie, and before telling Cynthia to Stop talking, it was about air time for herself, Porsha please stop just using your body it's beautiful but you have a Daughter now she will grow up and see all this and maybe following your footsteps And our GenZ and younger woman this is not a good look seeing this is not inspirational , Why sell your souls for Money, They are prosituting Black Women for gain, All our images is not fighting all the time, Please show more positive images of use Black Women. Nene brought all these women in to Build their careers, and they have made Millions of Dollars, Because NeNe Brought them on the Show, Bring Phaedra back too, That's like Biting the hand that feeds you, They are Disrespectful to Nene, if it wasn't for her their would be no babies and dish nations and dungeons wine sellers, Think about it, It not Real House wives anymore, its Storylines and made up stories not their true lives, just for ratings, I want to see Uplifting Black Women onTV , NeNe Stay Uplifting ,keep your lifecoach use Wisdom, make your living ,just when you lay your head on the pillow at night and it's just you and God, make sure you're at Peace with your life decisions #PrinceofPeaceJesus will never leave you or forsake you # Youmustbebornagain Romans10:9-15, St.John 3:16 #keepyourclothesonladies #ourchildrenarewatching

  • Mary
    Mary Jan 7, 2020 10:05 AM PST

    Glad. None has return. First those haters, like twirl, lol, and Cynthia, you two are boring. Porsha, should be glad Nene has return. You have forgotten Nene had your back when they all turned on you. Kandi, didnt want anything to do with and Cynthia followed as she always does, and Porsha you cant forgive her, girl please. Glad you are back Mrs. Leaks.

    • Tina Brown
      Tina Brown Jan 7, 2020 4:04 PM PST

      Not everyone was happy to see her she could have stayed gone no no te Nene

    • Tina Brown
      Tina Brown Jan 7, 2020 4:02 PM PST

      No to Nene.👎

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