NeNe Leakes Explains Her Social Media Hiatus Amid Drama With Her RHOA Co-Star

NeNe Leakes Explains Her Social Media Hiatus Amid Drama With Her RHOA Co-Star
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Amid her drama with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars, NeNe Leakes felt the need to take a break from social media and now, she is explaining why she made this decision. Apparently, she refused to sugarcoat the ‘truth’ online and it was frustrating for her to deal with the reactions from trolls.

As fans remember, NeNe went on a short hiatus on her platforms, between August 6 and 15 on Instagram, as well as on Twitter, from July to August.

It turns out that the break was on purpose, not because she’d ran out of content or anything like that.

Frankel chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet that ‘Even though people say they like to hear the truth, I don’t think everyone likes to see the truth. They don’t see the truth all of the time and they want to hear it, maybe, but they want it with a little sugar coat.’

She was, of course, referring to how straight-forward she always is on the internet, something trolls have a problem with.

‘I don’t know how to do that [sugarcoat the truth], so I just decided that I needed to stay off social media for a little bit because if I see something I don’t like, I’m going to shoot it to them straight and then you get into like a battle with all of these trolls on social media, going back and forth on stuff,’ the celeb went on to explain.

After all, she feels like she needs to always tell the truth since people may ‘misconstrue’ it because of her job as a reality TV star.

She noted that ‘People believe what they want to believe and they have certain characters that they love and characters that they hate.’


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