Nene Leakes Does Not Consider Cynthia Bailey A Close Friend -- Thinks Mike Hill Hashtag Shows Insecurity

Nene Leakes Does Not Consider Cynthia Bailey A Close Friend -- Thinks Mike Hill Hashtag Shows Insecurity
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The first part of the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion aired tonight and it was full of expected shade. Nene Leakes made it very clear that she is no longer close friends with Cynthia Bailey.

After Andy Cohen asked Nene who she was talking about when she tweeted 'Have u ever had a close friend that was setting you up for the kill? The gag is, you know it tho! They however wants EVERYBODY to think they are nice, pretty and supportive! but really they r insecure, not that pretty, not talented and certainly not nice! Their day is coming,' the ladies tried to figure out what friend she was talking about.

The general consensus thought that Leakes had to be referencing Cynthia but Cynthia denied it because she felt that she was the opposite of all the insults written in the above tweet.

Nene claimed that she wasn't speaking on Cynthia but added the jab that she does not consider the model a close friend -- something that shocked the Lake Bailey owner.


In addition to slamming their friendship, Nene shaded her relationship with Mike Hill. During the cast confessionals, Nene said that she feels like the pictures of Cynthia and Mike show insecurity on Cynthia's behalf.

Leakes then said that she only things the #CHill hashtag is insecure.

When asked why she responded: "That's how I feel about it. It seems like it's overdone, like it's overkill to me. A girl can have an opinion, honey! But I have been the  most supportive of Cynthia and Michael, despite what any of these girls are out here saying."

It was apparent that Nene came to the reunion with a chip on her shoulder after watching the last episode of 'RHOA' where she heard Cynthia and Kandi's incriminating conversation about Kenya Moore showing up to Cynthia's party.


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    RL Apr 8, 2019 6:41 AM PDT

    I think she was talking about Eva

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