Nene Leakes Denies Talking About Kandi Burruss In Recent Video: 'Bye Kandi Man!'

Nene Leakes Denies Talking About Kandi Burruss In Recent Video: 'Bye Kandi Man!'
Credit: Source: Reality Tea

Nene Leakes has been using her time in isolation to virtually connect with fans. In an Instagram Live broadcasted last night, she said something that made Kandi Burruss question why the Glee alum is coming for her.

Nene told her fans that she has gone to Bravo with multiple ideas for a spin-off and has been turned down. She says that she doesn't understand why because they give a certain people on her cast a spin-off every season.

The person in question seemed to be Kandi Burruss to many viewers who thought about the five specials Kandi has had on the network.

Burruss caught wind of the shade and hit back with a post and delete.

It read: 'This video won’t be up long but I wanted to address this. So Nene Leakes said on her Live with Tamar Braxton that I misunderstood what she said on her YouTube… Now I don’t know about y’all but on this video it sounded like a bunch of hating and blaming of a ‘certain person they keep giving a show to’ as the reason her show ideas aren’t happening.'

She went on to ask her followers: 'Am I trippin’? Who is she talking about in this video then? FYI: I don’t have the power to stop anyone from doing anything on Bravo. I show support to every project that my castmates do. TV, business, or whatever they are doing, I always post for them even if we don’t get along. I don’t understand the shade towards me. I stay in my lane and I’m not blocking anyone.'


She went on to say that they will discuss it at the reunion that will be filmed via teleconference .

Leakes responded to Kandi with: 'You love watching my videos. If I were talking about you, I wouldn’t have a problem telling you. You ain’t got no power to stop me from getting anything. Yes, they have [given] you a few commercials (3 episodes). If you feel that this has anything to do with you, contact Lisa Bloom and we can go from there. Also, I have been offered many spin-off shows and even gave a million dollars back. If you don’t believe that, call Tru Entertainment and Bravo. Bye Kandi man. I’ll see you at the reunion.'

If not Kandi, then who do you think Nene was speaking about?


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