NeNe Leakes Demands A 'Doubled' Pay Check For Continuing To Appear On RHOA

NeNe Leakes Demands A 'Doubled' Pay Check For Continuing To Appear On RHOA
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NeNe Leakes wants more money for appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta, a new report from Entertainment Tonight revealed. In fact, NeNe not only wants more money for her contributions to the show, but she also wants the amount doubled.

NeNe went on to say during the interview that the show focuses on her persona, NeNe Leakes, and according to her, much of the conversation revolves around her and her authenticity, in contrast to her co-stars, whom NeNe says are living "fake lives."

NeNe, who appeared on the 10th of May reunion episode, was the center of attention among some of the other women there. Her co-stars also noted this fact, even though she's not on every single episode these days.

According to Leakes, she has missed episodes in the past, but she's never missed a check. The star claims her co-stars love to tease her about it. During the same reunion episode, NeNe suggested that Eva Marcille, the America's Next Top Model alum, doesn't contribute much to the show and should probably be replaced by someone more engaged and interesting.

NeNe claims Eva seems as if she's just "scratching to survive," and for that reason, maybe it's time to get a new woman on  Real Housewives of Atlanta . NeNe went on to say that she believes producers must've told her to contribute more. To her, it seemed obvious.

NeNe noted that she was saying a lot more during every episode of the series. These days, fans have noticed that NeNe and Porsha Williams have been working together as a unit. Some have even described it as an "unlikely duo."

According to NeNe, when she called Porsha, she told her she was really killing it out there. The reality star claims she joked with Porsha that they're going to tag-team the other women on the show and "knock their a**es out!"

Even though NeNe appears to be enjoying her time with Porsha, sources close to the star have said in the past that her future with the Real Housewives of Atlanta was uncertain. She doesn't know if she'll be coming back for future episodes.

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