Nene Leakes Defends Herself Against Fans Who Think She Leaves Gregg Alone For Cancer Treatment

Nene Leakes Defends Herself Against Fans Who Think She Leaves Gregg Alone For Cancer Treatment
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When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it doesn't just affect them -- it also takes a toll on the ones that love them the most. After expressing her frustrations with the taxing role of being a caretaker for her husband, Nene Leakes is now having to deal with trolls who think she is being selfish.

In the latest episode of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' Nene and Gregg go to a hospital where he receives treatment. If you weren't paying attention, it seemed as though she dropped her husband off but in reality -- that isn't what really happened.

Gregg told Nene to get his bag out of the car. Fans took to social media after to chastise Leakes for ditching the businessman in his time of need.

"Nene this whole time that Greg has had cancer you have been doing nothing but thinking about yourself. Whining complaining and leaving him to face it alone!"

"Your vows said for better or for worse but apparently you only wanted to stick around for money because now that greg sick we see your true colors and they aren't pretty. Who leaves a man at the hospital"


"@neneleakes literally just has the worst attitude with Gregg these days. Did y'all see how she just dropped him off like that? He must be so scared."

Nene is sick and tired of the unfair criticism and addressed some things on her Instagram Live.

"Some people thought I dropped Gregg off at the hospital and kept going. Like, who the f*** does that? If you pay attention and you listen closely, Gregg says, ‘Get my bag out of the car’… Also, every time Gregg was in the hospital or we went to a cancer hospital or Gregg had a surgery I was always on Instagram Live."

She goes on to explain: "The only issue is these things only last 24 hours but it was on live,” she says. “And I never once just dropped Gregg curbside at the hospital and he’s gone inside to have a surgery while I go to Swagg. That is absolutely not how it goes down."

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