NeNe Leakes Believes That Nemesis Kenya Moore Has Been Trying To Make Her Into ‘A Villain’ On RHOA - Here's Why! 

NeNe Leakes Believes That Nemesis Kenya Moore Has Been Trying To Make Her Into ‘A Villain’ On RHOA - Here's Why! 
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The feud of Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes continues! That being said, it turns out that NeNe is not too happy with how her RHOA nemesis has been acting towards her on camera.

Apparently, she feels like the other reality TV star has been trying to make her look like the villain, which is why she has been trying to ‘clear the air.’

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘NeNe feels like Kenya's set on being the queen of RHOA and she feels she is frustrated that this will never happen with herself on the show. NeNe feels like when cameras are rolling, she actually keeps making calculated attempts at portraying her as the villain while pushing her buttons just to try and turn fans and the network against her.’

While fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta know all too well that the two ladies have never really gotten along, their feud escalated a lot in season 12 as made obvious by the explosive episodes that have aired since the premiere in November of last year.

They couldn’t even remain peaceful during their cast trip to Greece and got into a massive shouting match during which NeNe ended up calling Kenya a ‘dumba** b***h.’

Her insult was in response to Moore telling her to ‘please go to jail again.’

And that was not all! Things even got physical when NeNe threw something at her enemy.

It all made it seem like the last thing either one of them would ever want was to make peace.

Bu that’s not the case since another insider previously dished to the same news outlet that NeNe reached out to Kenya to clear the air but did not get a response from the co-star.

‘NeNe decided to not only reach out to Kenya before filming of season 12 started, but all of the ladies. She wanted to clear the air with everybody privately as she knew things did not end so well with several of them after the last season. She wanted to do it in private away from the cameras so there was less drama between them going into things.’

She apparently, tried several times with Kenya but ‘to no avail!’


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