Nene Leakes Bashes Sheree Whitfield And Claims That Kim Zolciak Was Fired From 'RHOA'

Nene Leakes Bashes Sheree Whitfield And Claims That Kim Zolciak Was Fired From 'RHOA'
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There is only one episode left and the reunion has already been taped for "Real Housewives of Atlanta," but the drama is still going on between co-stars Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, and Kim Zolciak. This got nasty on Instagram today where Leakes took shots at Whitfield's prison fiance and claimed that Zolciak was fired.

News recently broke that Tyrone Gilliams won't be released from prison soon as Sheree believed.

Nene made a comment on the Shade Room's post that said: "Well I guess we know who the real lier is after all."


Kim Zolciak saw her frenemy's remark and hit her with: "Learn on how to spell liar. Your whole life is a lie."

It didn't stop there, Nene came back at Kim with: "When the clap back is spelled wrong too. I'm dying over somebody saying cigarette breath."

Leakes posted a photo with a pun that referenced Erykah Badu's hit song "Tyrone." It said: "You better call Lie'rone. Call'em."

Nene accompanied the diss with a caption stating: "Hey girlllll...when the lies just keep coming & coming & coming."

The "RHOA" stars feud began when Nene called Tyrone a criminal with a mug shot. Sheree brought up the fact that the 50-year-old also has a mug shot.


It worsened when the Broadway actress found out that Sheree knew about Kim Zolciak's #roachgate video and didn't tell her.

Nene also felt that Sheree should chastise Kim for her actions since she's closer to the "Don't Be Tardy" star.

The last thing that the mother of two said was "Kim mad cause you fired #rottenpeach. They mad cause Nene was right about Lie'rone."

There have been no rumors about Kim getting the boot; however, it's said that she left the reunion couch in tears after "being ganged up on for hours" according to Brielle Biermann.

Do you think producers should fire Kim Zolciak?


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