NeNe Leakes Apologizes To Lisa Rinna Says Fight Is With Lisa Vanderpump — Calls Her Behavior Manipulative And Foul

NeNe Leakes Apologizes To Lisa Rinna Says Fight Is With Lisa Vanderpump — Calls Her Behavior Manipulative And Foul
Credit: Source: Jenny McCarthy Show/Sirius XM

It's a case of NeNe Leakes and the wrong Lisa. After NeNe Leakes' comments to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live got fans riled up thinking things were going to come to a blow between Leakes and Lisa Rinna, NeNe later clarified her mistake on the Jenny McCarthy Show (SiriusXM). During the interview, NeNe did not hold back and made her beef with Lisa Vanderpump known. She referred to her as manipulative and foul and accused her of downplaying a piece of real estate then once she convinced NeNe that it was no good, bought it for herself.

NeNe stated she hadn't spoken about the dispute before but was ready to expose the situation for how it happened. Lisa Vanderpump hasn't released a statement about the accusations, however, an unnamed source close to the landlord involved has.

You can see how it went down between Jenny McCarthy and NeNe Leakes and listen to her accusations against Vanderpump in the video player below.

NeNe Leakes' statements and allegations against Lisa Vanderpump portray the PUMP owner as someone who had little consideration for her friendship with NeNe and sought to put her own business above personal relationships.

It's unclear exactly what the full story is or Vanderpump's point of view as she's yet to address the allegations or present her side publicly.

Though Lisa Vanderpump hasn't weighed in on the issue, the Daily Mail reported on the situation based on the statement from an unknown source.

According to the report, Lisa Vanderpump did nothing wrong and the entire fight is based on misinformation.

The Daily Mail reports that the Vanderpumps did nothing wrong according to the unnamed source.

"The landlord of the SUR headquarters is the same landlord as the Pump Restaurant so the Vanderpumps were well aware of this premises as it sits on the most prominent corner of West Hollywood and had been available for years. The Vanderpumps did not need anyone to draw their attention to it as they have an eye for locations with potential throughout West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, London and now Las Vegas."

Still, people are arguing whether the source's statement actually clears Lisa Vandperpump from manipulative and foul behavior or reinforces NeNe Leakes's accusations. Others have warned NeNe not to go head-to-head with Lisa Vanderpump and if she continues to pursue this, she'll regret it.

What do you think?

Should Lisa Vanderpump publicly address NeNe Leakes' allegations herself?


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