Nene Leakes And Porsha Williams Make Peace With Sweet Hug Photo And Note -- 'RHOA' Fans Cannot Believe Their Eyes

Nene Leakes And Porsha Williams Make Peace With Sweet Hug Photo And Note -- 'RHOA' Fans Cannot Believe Their Eyes
Credit: Instagram

A lovely picture of Nene Leakes where she is sharing a hug with Porsha Williams is making fans melt.

After months of feuding on the Real Housewives of Atlanta for months, the ladies have decided to make peace. It was done in a lovely way.

Via Instagram, the former Glee actress unveiled a picture where they both look stunning and smiling from ear to ear.

Leakes used the caption to say, Williams is like a sister to her and that they are taking baby steps to heal.

The TV host wrote: "Work in progress! #babysteps #2angrybitches #bigsis #lilsis #wetrying @porsha4real."

One fan is happy for the reconciliation of the pair and had this to say: "That's right work that [email protected] out Y'all just have misunderstandings I love the fact that Porsha acknowledged their history and spoke her truth and sometimes ppl not going to agree with your truth that's fine as long as they respect it and work it out. Nene has there funniest facial expressions on the show she has me during laughing I'm telling u I wish someone could capture her face expressions and make a clip funny as [email protected] love Nene and Gregg."

A second follower explained: "Yessss! Glad you and Tink Tink worked it out honey lol man I love me some @neneleakes. Please and thank you for moving pass the BS. Y’all are all too mature to act so childishly. This makes me happy cause I am feeling so sorry for Porsha when I am watching that show, I cried with her on the newest episode."

Another person claimed that this is another charade or storyline and the fighting will start back.

The fan wrote: "It’s a damn circle. How many times they hated each other and got back to being friends since Porsha showed up and Nene changed skin colors? Why do these women (in general) keep trying to force friendships? Everybody doesn’t click. And that’s ok. Duh Nene needed to beef with somebody. Kandi the only one that ain’t buddy-buddy for a dollar or fake beefing. I'm here for Porsha. Nene was always my favorite housewife until she started ganging up on Porsha like the rest of them. I think Porsha would be good to remember NONE of those ladies is her friend. It's a cast; they're your work colleagues, nothing more."

This photo is raising many questions among supporters.

Do you expect the truce to last after the incident in Barcelona? Will Leakes be forced to pick a side between Marlo Hampton and Williams who nearly got into a physical brawl?

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