NeNe Leakes And Gregg Leakes Had An Old School Kitchen House Party Following The Great News That He Finished Chemo

NeNe Leakes And Gregg Leakes Had An Old School Kitchen House Party Following The Great News That He Finished Chemo
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NeNe Leakes has recently managed to impress her fans to tears with some videos she shared on Instagram. They were featuring her hubby Gregg Leakes who was in the hospital celebrating the fact that the six month-chemo time was finally over .

It’s been a really difficult ride but hopefully, it’s all over now, and Gregg managed to defeat the horrible disease.

Let's just hope that he will get back on his feet and put the weight he lost back on quickly.

NeNe kept her fans updated with more footage from the celebration which, as expected, continued at home as well. Here's NeNe's post:

'And...The celebration continued! Gregg wanted an ole sckool kitchen house party like yo momma would have back in the day! Nope not the basement! When I tell you we had a ball...It was EVERYTHING! Subscribe to my YouTube channel “The Life Of Nene” where we keep it real, to see unseen footage of this celebration and more TONIGHT at 9 pm' NeNe wrote in the caption.

Her fans were in awe, and they showed their excitement in the comments section.

Someone said 'We had a BLASSSSSSTTT!! @greggleakes thank you for being the FAITHFUL LOVING MAN you are...let's keep celebrating life💜😘😘 ..Great party Sis on a damn Wednesday night. 🤣🤣👌🏽'

Another follower had a really emotional message for NeNe and told her the following:

'Nene I love you, and I’m so happy for you and @greggleakes! Let me first salute you and him for passing the tests and overcoming the obstacles of LIFE. Throughout this season, I have watched you break down and become emotional something that we don’t see from you a lot. Although the screens tried to portray you like a mad woman. I saw a hurt, scared, worried woman. You know when God gives us foreign challenges we go in not knowing how or what to do but he always knows the outcome, and he never leaves us.'

The same person continued and wrote 'Well he was with you and Gregg through this. And honestly you and he both were dealing with the same emotions mentioned, and that’s the reason why you all had a hard time finding balance on top of other regular marriage problems that we all have. But look at @neneleakes and @greggleakes now you took the challenge passed and now God has shown you favor in healing !!!! Stay strong and grounded in Christ aunt @neneleakes he will NEVER leave you !!!!'

Someone else made a little joke and said: 'And I BET with this house full of people. Nobody went all up in through your closet! 😂 I’m so happy for y’all! 💪🏾'

Congratulations, Gregg! May happier times come for you and NeNe!

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