Nelson Thomas From "The Challenge" Taken Into Police Custody For Theft

Nelson Thomas From "The Challenge" Taken Into Police Custody For Theft
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On the 20th of December, Nelson Thomas, a star on the series, The Challenge , was arrested in Texas for theft. Us Weekly confirmed the news earlier today.

Nelson, 30, was charged according to a Class B theft, suggesting he had in his possession approximately $750 worth of goods, which means he'll be charged with the crime in accordance to the Texas Constitution and Statutes.

And the Hays County records show he was released today, Saturday, on the 22nd of December, as discovered by the publication, Us Weekly. Today, Mr. Nelson Thomas took to his Twitter account to offer his side of the narrative.

In his tweet, he insinuated nearly everyone on this earth has a past of some kind, and "no one's hands are clean but God." Nelson revealed he was not actually arrested, but he turned himself in for a crime committed around 5 years ago.

Explaining himself further, The American Crime alum said he was in full cooperation with the authorities, and he turned himself in as an alternative to probation.

"If you do the crime, do the time like a man," the star remarked. Moreover, he said there were no regrets, and instead, lessons. He went on to thank his fans for their support at this time.

Us Weekly reported that this won't be the first time Nelson has found himself in trouble with the authorities. In fact, he has run into them on more than one occasion, however, the charges were typically misdemeanors.

The police charged Nelson not once but twice for driving with an improper license. He was detained in 2011 as well as in 2016. From 2016 until 2018, Nelson has appeared in five different seasons of The Challenge.

Back in November, the entertainment news outlet confirmed Thomas would be joining the likes of his ex-girlfriend, Nurys Mateo, on the set of Ex on the Beach in its second season.

Some of the other stars to appear includes Monte Massongill, Farrah Abraham, as well as Chad Johnson. Moreover, he once appeared in the 3rd season of the dating program, Are You The One? which aired three years ago in 2015.

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