Neil Young Slams Donald Trump For Using His Songs At Mount Rushmore Rally

Neil Young Slams Donald Trump For Using His Songs At Mount Rushmore Rally
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Neil Young joined a long line of entertainers and performing artists who have slammed the president of the United States, Donald Trump, for using their music without permission. At a recent campaign rally in Mount Rushmore, Donald Trump used one of Neil's classic songs, "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World."

Using the Neil Young Archives Twitter account, the legendary performer wrote that he wasn't ok with the song's use at the rally. He released his statement alongside a video of Trump's campaign rally in which attendees were sitting down and getting ready for the president to come out.

In another text, Young wrote that he stood in solidarity with "Lakota Sioux," and it wasn't ok with him that his other song, "Like A Hurricane," was used. Young has already addressed Trump's use of his music before, including back in 2016, when the rocker demanded him to stop using his repertoire.

As it was previously reported, Neil Young, not long after he just became a United States citizen, wrote an open letter in which he slammed the president and referred to him as a "disgrace to my country." He also proclaimed his support for Bernie Sanders.

As it was noted above, many other artists have criticized Trump and his campaign organizers for using their music, including Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, whose team of lawyers wrote a cease and desist order.

Earlier this year, the family of Tom Petty also dropped a statement in which they told the president to not use their family member's music anymore.

They explained how Tom's music was meant for the "underdog," and his music was in no way shape or form meant to promote the president's ideology. Furthermore, Tom Petty's estate wrote that the citizens of the United States could vote for whoever they wanted, but they wouldn't stand for the president using Tom's music.

Fans of Petty know that he passed away this past year from a drug overdose. According to his Wikipedia page, Tom Petty died from a combination of drugs including opiates and an anti-depressant.

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