Neil Young Says His Song 'Southern Man' Now Applies To The Whole Country

Neil Young Says His Song 'Southern Man' Now Applies To The Whole Country
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Neil Young first released his song, "Southern Man," in 1970 as a part of his record, After The Gold Rush. Despite the fact the song came out 50 years ago, the legendary singer-songwriter thinks it's even more relevant today then it was back then. Moreover, Young says it applies to more than just the south, but the entire country.

Rolling Stone picked up on a blog post from Neil Young on his website in which he posted a video of himself singing the classic song that was written, according to Neil: "after countless years of racism in the USA." Young went on to say that it has "gone on for way too long."

Young urged the police to change the way they go about doing their jobs. He says it's time for new laws, changes, and new rules for police officers on duty. It goes without saying that Neil is alluding to the mass protests against police brutality after the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

According to Rolling Stone, Neil Young's lyrics in "Southern Man" are inspired by the years of slavery in the United States, especially in the Antebellum South. Young has released other more politically charged songs, including "Ohio," with Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

The band's song was inspired by the Kent State Massacre, a time when students protesting the Vietnam War were shot at by the Ohio National Guard. There were four people killed.

Fans of Neil know that he, like many other celebrities, are vicious critics of the United States president, Donald Trump. Around the same time as he was able to register to vote, the singer-songwriter came out in support of Bernie Sanders.

At the time, Young expressed his support of Bernie Sanders by urging his fans and the public to stand up for worker's rights, teachers, students, and "climate justice." He also called for "higher taxes on the super-rich to pay for all love the above."

Young has a new record coming out, Homegrown , and it's expected to come out on the 19th of June.

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