Neil deGrasse Tyson "Welcomes" An Investigation Regarding Sexual Misconduct - Sources Say Authorities Will Find Nothing

Neil deGrasse Tyson "Welcomes" An Investigation Regarding Sexual Misconduct - Sources Say Authorities Will Find Nothing
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Neil deGrasse Tyson has officially spoken out against the sexual misconduct allegations against him. As it was previously reported, the Cosmos star wrote a long Facebook post denying the claims against him, even going so far as to welcome a thorough investigation by both Fox and National Geographic.

Published by Patheos on Thursday, Dr. Katelyn N. Allers, a physics and astronomy professor at Bucknell University, claims she was "felt up" by Neil, 60, at a party following the American Astronomical Society conference in 2009.

According to the professor, she never made an official claim of harassment because she didn't have a mechanism to do so. There wasn't an official HR department at that time.

Reportedly, Allers asked Neil if she and her friend could have a photograph with him, then after, Neil grabbed her arm, asking her about the tattoo on it, following it all the way into her address.

Later on, Allers said to reporters from People Magazine that her accusation was written and reported on correctly by Patheos. She even went on to suggest that Neil had inadvertently affected the careers of Tchiya Amet and Ashley Watson.

In his Facebook post, Neil said that he didn't realize that he offended and creeped her out so much. Reminicising about the situation, Neil admitted that he probably did notice her tattoo and wanted to see it right away, because he becomes "almost giddy" when people show off that kind of "bling" - as he called it.

Watson, one of the other women involved, used to be an assistant working for Mr. Tyson, and she said that she had to quit her job due to his "repeated inappropriate advances."

According to an insider close to Tyson, "Neil isn't really the kind of guy to go around sexually harassing women, but he's certainly friendly and charismatic, and it's definitely understandable that some women could see this is a sexual advance on them. But yeah, this will likely all blow over, because he isn't a bad person."

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