Neighbors Of YouTuber Jake Paul Explain The Mysterious Noises They Heard Prior To His FBI Raid

Neighbors Of YouTuber Jake Paul Explain The Mysterious Noises They Heard Prior To His FBI Raid
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Jake Paul has found himself under the radar once again. Page Six says the YouTuber was already facing a $2 million tax lien when the FBI raided his home and discovered a stash of weapons. Neighbors complained about Paul, whom they claim regularly had explosions emanating from his backyard.

One person said to reporters from CBSLA that there were "bid loud explosions" at night on a regular basis. She says much of the sounds were straight-up "mysterious." Bird's eye view footage from ABC7 shows that the FBI found a number of powerful rifles that were taken away by the authorities.

Reports say the FBI showed up in military and tactical gear , in addition to a SWAT team. The outlet says two other homes of Paul's friends were also raided, although, there haven't been any arrests made.

Reportedly, the raids on Jake Paul 's home had something to do with the Arizona mall looting back in May. Paul had been accused of participating in the looting because he was there filming what was going on inside the Scottsdale mall.

This past June, the police slapped Paul with a number of charges, including criminal trespassing. Amid the federal probe, the Scottsdale police claim they dropped the charges against him related to the Scottsdale looting.

However, prosecutors could refile the case against him if they wanted too. Richard Schonfield, his lawyer, claimed Paul was not at his house during the raid. He went on to say that Paul would cooperate with them on all of their demands.

The Sun reported earlier this year that Paul - who has over 20 million YouTube subscribers - is still in trouble for a $2 million tax lien. As it was previously reported, Paul was also put on blast on social media platforms for a house party in California.


Users accused Paul of not respecting the social distancing orders. Paul and his brother Logan are not strangers to controversy. Logan was embroiled in a massive scandal as well when he and his friends filmed a dead body in Japan and put it on his YouTube channel.

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