NCIS Star Diona Reasonover Opens Up Aout Ziva's Return In Season 17

NCIS Star Diona Reasonover Opens Up Aout Ziva's Return In Season 17
Credit: Source: CBS

Over the summer, one of the most popular topics of conversation for NCIS fans has been the return of fan-favorite Cote de Pablo (Ziva). After her brief appearance in the Season 16 finale, showrunners Frank Cardea and Steven D. Binder revealed that Ziva would also be a part of the Season 17 premiere. Her return not only has fans talking but her co-stars, as well. Newbie Diona Reasonover (Kasie Hines) says she is excited to have Ziva back, even though she had no idea it was coming.

So far, CBS and the cast and crew of NCIS have kept relatively quiet about Ziva’s return. But, fans have received some small updates from Wilmer Valderrama (Nick Torres) and Reasonover.

Neither actor has actually met de Pablo before - much less shared a scene with her - and Reasonover says that she was completely in the dark about her return.

“I’m [very] excited that we have Ziva at NCIS. It’s pretty cool — actually, just to tell you guys something, I did not know that Cote was coming back. I didn’t know! I was watching it just like everybody else — I had looked down from my screen to type something, and I heard ‘hello, Gibbs’ … I was screaming just like everybody else,” Reasonover told her followers on Instagram Live.

Some of the other series regulars have claimed to know about de Pablo’s surprise cameo before it happened, but it appears that the majority of the cast and crew were completely blindsided. They even filmed a fake scene for the finale to keep it a secret.

It isn’t clear if de Pablo is back for the premiere only, or if she will be part of the entire season, and CBS won’t give fans any hints. According to CarterMatt , NCIS producers may be keeping things quiet to avoid spoilers and they are waiting until right before the September premiere to build momentum and promote the character’s return.

Everyone has kept so quiet there hasn’t even been pictures surface of de Pablo on set, and fans don’t know if she has even shown up yet. Production for the season premiere is underway, and we know it’s a Ziva-centric episode, so hopefully, some pics will appear on social media soon.

Season 17 of NCIS premieres Tuesday, September 24th on CBS.


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