NCIS Season 16: Does Someone Else On The Team Know About Ziva?

NCIS Season 16: Does Someone Else On The Team Know About Ziva?
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Now that NCIS fans know that Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is alive, the theories are everywhere about what it all means and how the storyline will play out. Is it possible that someone else on the team knows that Ziva is out there?

According to Carter Matt, the theory that either McGee or Gibbs knows about Ziva has a lot of merit because they are extremely good at their jobs and they know Ziva well. Considering the fact that they never found a body with a DNA match to Ziva, it had to cause some suspicion somewhere.

If either McGee or Gibbs really looked into it, they would surely have doubts. They might not know the truth like Bishop, but they are NCIS agents, and it makes sense that someone on the team would have a feeling that Ziva could possibly be alive since there was never any real evidence proving otherwise.

If Bishop’s info does make its way to the rest of the team, it could be quite the event, but right now it appears that she wants to keep it under wraps. Bishop is handling all of this much differently than anyone else would because she never met Ziva, but can she really keep this secret forever?

Chances are she will try as long as possible, but if another case comes up from Ziva’s past, it could end up being pretty impossible for Bishop to stay silent.

Yes, there are always other cases to focus on, and NCIS isn’t big on long-term mysteries. It is hard to imagine that they would drop this storyline after all the hype. Now that fans have had a little taste of a possible Ziva return, the excitement and demand is out there to see fan favorite Cote de Pablo come back.

Just the idea of a Ziva return led to big ratings for the NCIS episode “She.” If the character actually does show up, it could be huge for the long-running drama.

And, even if de Pablo didn’t come back as a regular, just a short return to get better closure for her character would be satisfying for many NCIS fans.

New episodes of NCIS air Tuesday nights on CBS.

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