NCIS: LA Star LL Cool J Victorious In Nasty Legal Battle

NCIS: LA Star LL Cool J Victorious In Nasty Legal Battle
Credit: Source: Long Island Press

LL Cool J just landed a big win in court. The NCIS star sued a promotional company for using a name he came up with years ago to generate publicity for their brand. After years of legal battles , a judge finally ruled in the rap star's favor, ordering the company to hand over all intellectual property that featured the name, "Rock the Bells."

LL Cool J first sued the company, Guerrilla Union, for attempting to trademark the name back in 2004. The NCIS: Los Angeles actor noted that he originally released the track, "Rock the Bells," in the mid '80s and therefore owned the trademark. He also had a radio show on SiriusXm called Rock The Bells Radio .

According to The Blast , LL Cool J claimed that the company used the name to promote a festival between 2004 and 2013. Following years of litigation, a judge just ordered Guerrilla Union to hand over all social media profiles and websites that bear the name, "Rock The Bells." LL Cool J was also awarded damages, though the amount has not been released.

Now that the lawsuit is off his plate, LL Cool J has plenty of time to devote to other projects. This includes his collaboration with Ice Cube to launch a sports network that covers a variety of athletics through a different cultural lens. LL Cool J and Ice Cube just confirmed their plans to purchase close to two dozen sports channels from Disney.

The Justice Department recently ruled that Disney had a monopoly over the sporting world and ordered the company to sell at least 22 of its sports-related channels. It is unclear what LL Cool J and Ice Cube's new sports network will look like, but it will definitely be interesting seeing what the two rap icons come up with.

LL Cool J has not issued a comment in regard to his legal battles.

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