'NCIS' Fans Believe Cote De Pablo Is Coming Back To The Show Because Of This Video -- Will Pauley Perrette Ever Return Too After The Mark Harmon Feud?

'NCIS' Fans Believe Cote De Pablo Is Coming Back To The Show Because Of This Video -- Will Pauley Perrette Ever Return Too After The Mark Harmon Feud?
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Actress Cote de Pablo is apparently returning to NCIS , according to a 2019 Super Bowl commercial that featured her character, Ziva David, and it immediately sent fans into a frenzy. Is there hope for Pauley Perrette to also make a comeback on the CBS hit series?

In the promo, a voiceover says "the biggest NCIS secret of all" to be revealed in the episode that will air on Tuesday, February 12 titled "She."

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Several old images of Cote appear in the teaser, and Mark Harmon's Gibbs, who is angry says, "Don't tell me about Ziva!"

Here is the synopsis for NCIS Season 16 Episode 13: "A malnourished and confused nine-year-old is found hiding in a storage unit. The team reopens an old missing persons case that Special Agent Ziva David had a personal interest in."

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Many believe that Cote will come back and help the team's investigation to find the remains of the daughter she had with Tony (Michael Weatherly).

Cote walked away from the show in 2013 and penned an emotional goodbye note that read: "As far as my decision to leave, that's a personal thing, and I'd rather leave it at that. The idea of leaving was not something I toyed around with for a long time. It was an overwhelmingly hard thing — at times terrifying."

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She went on to say: "Leaving NCIS was not planned, so there is no plan. If I were panicking now, it would defeat the purpose. I need to get really excited about something, because for eight years I was really excited about this character. I don't want to start anything unless it's like that."

She added: "Did I want to leave under those circumstances? That's another story. But I'm not of the belief that you just take off and leave fans hanging. A lot of people don't get the privilege of going back to a set and being able to say goodbye to people. I left under my terms, and that was wonderful."


Are you happy that Cote might make an appearance on NCIS ? Is there a possibility that Pauley might be invited back too to the popular show?

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  • Linda K
    Linda K Feb 5, 2019 1:17 PM PST

    Dive will only be shown in flashbacks. Cote is not returning to the show

  • LeaAnn Hicks
    LeaAnn Hicks Feb 5, 2019 6:57 AM PST

    Yes!!¡! Hope Ziva comes back and Tony and Abby!! Them and Magee and Gibbs that's the best group for NCIS. Love it!

  • Karen Nelson
    Karen Nelson Feb 4, 2019 10:23 PM PST

    I think, they should forgive one another, if you have aught against one another to go to your brother or sister (whom ever) even people who worked together and for giving one another. That's in The Bible, they're not the only ones who has had a feud, everyone has had them. As long as they been working together. When see those episodes when you both in the elevator when someone was stalking your character, and seeing Gibbs saying he's going let anything happen to you. I really enjoyed the way you worked together, it was emotional. I know it's acting. But you never know someone has gone through that ordeal for real. And Paula you both despite of the feuds you worked good together. Would be nice to see you come back to work together. Time is to precious to hold grudges. Hope and pray that you work out your differences. Still watching old and new.

  • Debbie
    Debbie Feb 4, 2019 6:33 PM PST

    I thought ‘Tony’ left the show to take care of His a Ziva’s baby. Now it is saying that Zimbabwe would come to to find the ‘remains’ of their baby. This is inconsistent. Would love to see Cote come back. She was lived by all. I’m Jewish. I like to see a ‘Jewish’ woman back on television.

  • Darlene
    Darlene Feb 4, 2019 5:20 PM PST

    That's is odd since Tony has the child he had with Ziva in Paris

  • Donna Bridges
    Donna Bridges Feb 4, 2019 4:06 PM PST

    I stopped watching as soon as Ziva and Tony left the show. I did not care for the characters that came after...especially the ditzy blonde who sounds like a cow chewing its cud when she eats. No excuse for rude eating habits. If Tony and Ziva came back, I'd be willing to start watching the show again.....and yes, Abby too. I don't like her replacement either.

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