NBC Orders One Season Of New Comedy Series Starring Kal Penn

NBC Orders One Season Of New Comedy Series Starring Kal Penn
Credit: Source: TheStar.com

According to a report from UPI.com, the Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle star, Kal Penn, just got his very own TV show from the network, NBC. NBC awarded Kal with an untitled, single-camera, comedy series with Penn in the starring role.

Most known for starring in the Harold and Kumar franchise, Kal - whose talents have secured his several roles in comedic films over the years - co-wrote the new project alongside Mr. Matt Murray. Penn and Murray are executive-producing with the creator of The Good Place, Michael Schur, who will serve as the supervising executive producer.

The series will follow a former New York City Councilman who finds six immigrants who need his help. Recently, Kal appeared in an episode of The Big Bang Theory with Mr. Sean Astin. Additionally, Penn will reprise his role on Designated Survivor which is now moving from ABC to Netflix.

As it was mentioned above, Kal Penn first came to prominence in a big way in the cult-stoner comedy film, Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle . The film revolved around Kal and his friend as they travel across the city to find the nearest White Castle after seeing it in a commercial.

The film featured fellow comedian, Bobby Lee, in the scene where he and other Asian students party at a local university. Ironically, Kal's performance in the film juxtaposes with his real-life character, as Mr. Penn actually worked in Obama's administration as an Associate Director.

As a result, he was written out of the series on which he worked at the time, House. The very next year, Kal resigned from his position to start his acting career once again. He intermittently returned to the White House following his fulfillment of various acting jobs, including another installment of Harold and Kumar.

In 2016, Kal secured his role on Designated Survivor,  on which he has continued to work on to this day. For the most part, Kal has worked in comedy films but has ventured onto TV for a number of different programs.

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