NBC Executives Infuriated By News Of Adam Levine's Departure From The Voice

NBC Executives Infuriated By News Of Adam Levine's Departure From The Voice
Credit: Source: PageSix.com

According to a report from Page Six, officials over at NBC are furious that the former judge on The Voice, Adam Levine, is now leaving the series after multiple seasons sitting in the chair. Supposedly, there was some behind the scenes drama involving the Maroon 5 frontman that led to his departure.

Adam's gripe with the series has to do with some alterations they recently made to the show. And his alleged disgruntlement with The Voice was clear to the producers. Referring to the changes in The Voice' s rules, Adam said, "I don't think anybody (understands them), just 'cause it's weird how it works now, I'm still learning the rules of the new show."

Adam allegedly brought his lack of interest into the show out on stage while at the Radio City Music Hall, where the NBC bosses were present. Reportedly, Adam's performance was "motionless" which was directly juxtaposed with the other judges.

An insider over at the NBC network said it's clear that Adam has been "checked out" mentally for a long time. It was the final change to the show's format which led to his decision to leave. The co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, Paul Telegdy, is said to have been particularly bothered by Adam's behavior in light of the new changes.

Telegdy is reportedly irked that Adam could act in such a way in front of the people who front his $26,000,000 annual salary. Reportedly, a source who spoke with the outlet claimed Paul wanted Adam to be alleviated from his duties immediately.

Regardless, it's clear something changed behind the scenes between the 10th of May and the 24th of May. His exit from the series was announced by Carson Daly on the set of the Today show. It was reported as being a "mutual" decision made by both Adam and producers.

A representative for Adam refused to comment on the matter, and instead, pointed Page Six to his official statement which he released on his Instagram earlier in the week.

As for his replacement, it's rumored that Gwen Stefani, the former singer of No Doubt, will take his place. It will be the fourth time Gwen has appeared as a judge on The Voice.

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