NBA YoungBoy Feeds The Homeless In His Community And Fans Love To See The Good Deeds He's Doing

NBA YoungBoy Feeds The Homeless In His Community And Fans Love To See The Good Deeds He's Doing
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NBA YoungBoy is surrounded by negative news a lot of times, you have to admit this. That's why it is also important to highlight the good deeds that he might be doing as well. It's essential to see the good part of people, and this lesson was something that Nipsey Hussle himself taught his community during his time with us.

Anyway, you may recall that not too long ago YoungBoy was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

He and his baby mama got arrested back in February. Their mugshots were made public, and The Shade Room provided more details on the situation.

NBA YoungBoy has reportedly been arrested in Atlanta for three misdemeanors.

‘The charges include possession of marijuana, use of fighting words, and physical obstruction with another,’ according to TMZ.

Anyway, things have changed a bit, and now, YoungBoy is making headlines after a good deed worth mentioning.

GossipTooMuch has recently reported that he was spotted in his community on Thursday dishing out meals to some homeless individuals.

According to more sources, it seems that the rapper and his mother organized the treat as a way of giving back to the community.

People made sure to praise his actions in the comments. For instance, one commenter said 'Here’s a side nobody shows of him very often😩❤️❤️.'

Anyway, it's always important to give back to your community, and whenever someone does this, it should also be made public just to become an example for others.

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  • Cat Valantine
    Cat Valantine Jan 3, 2021 5:30 PM PST

    Aww that's so nice to see that he's doing good deeds.😭😲😁😯

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