NBA YoungBoy Addresses His Makeup Tastes - Check Out What He Has To Say

NBA YoungBoy Addresses His Makeup Tastes - Check Out What He Has To Say
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NBA YoungBoy just addressed his makeup tastes. Here's what he has to say.

The Shade Room notes that NBA YoungBoy 'is officially out on bond and living in Utah due to the terms of his house arrest, he has been slowly reconnecting with his fans—and he recently hopped on Clubhouse to offer an explanation about his new video that shows him wearing makeup. Speaking about the goth-inspired makeup look he’s wearing in his latest video ‘Black Ball,’ NBA YoungBoy explained that wearing the black makeup makes him feel “comfortable.”'

TSR continued and said that 'It’s been a busy week for NBA YoungBoy, as he not only dropped some brand new music, but he also took the time out to engage with his fans courtesy of an impromptu interview with Akademiks on Clubhouse. As reported by @HotNewHipHop, Akademiks questioned YoungBoy about why he is now wearing black makeup, that he was seen in during multiple shots of his video ‘Black Ball.’'

Responding to the question, YoungBoy stated 'I like painting my face, putting makeup on. I like to look in the mirror and see everything black. Like my eyes and s**t.'

He continued, adding 'That's one hundred percent real! That’s me being myself. Just, I don't know. I feel comfortable that way. It give me like, the goth feeling, like rockstars.” NBA YoungBoy also revealed that he made his recording engineer go out and purchase makeup.'

Someone said: 'If boosie don’t speak on this ima know something,' and a commenter posted this: '_
Lmao chile 2018 him would’ve laughed so hard at this.'

One other fan said: 'Them side effects from jail time kicking in,' and someone else posted this: 'We all like listening to a little Panic at the Disco here and there.'

At the beginning of this month, it's been just reported that NBA Youngboy   just surprised everyone with something that he had to say about Doja Cat. Check out what happened here.


The Shade Room noted that ' joined Akademiks and his fans on Clubhouse, where he discussed everything from his music to his personal life.'

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