NBA Tests Players For The Coronavirus And 16 Came Back Positive

NBA Tests Players For The Coronavirus And 16 Came Back Positive
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The NBA has officially started testing its players just before the season resumes, Hot New Hip Hop reported. As the world breaks out of its self-imposed lockdown, sports leagues, including the NBA, have started getting ready for the new season.

The organization intends on starting in Orlando, Florida, even though the state has reportedly seen an increase in coronavirus cases. According to Hot New Hip Hop, just a few days ago, 302 players received a coronavirus test for the first time and many of them came back positive.

The outlet says that out of the 302 players that were tested, 16 tested positive. Furthermore, not everyone was tested, for instance, coaches and staff members were not tested, so the results could be much higher, but for now, the total number of cases remains uncertain.

The NBA has stated that the players who tested positive were forced to quarantine for around two weeks before joining the rest of their team members in the Floridian city. Hot New Hip Hop says that on the 30th of July, games are supposed to resume.

The NBA has received additional news coverage over the last few months not only for the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the league but also the Black Lives Matter protests and how players should do their part in fighting against racism.

It was reported earlier this week that the former NBA player, Shawn Marion, thought the idea of players boycotting the league was a terrible idea. Shawn took to his social media to say that it would be much better for players to go back to work, and use their platform for change.

He argued that it was great for players to voice their opinions not only in front of the television cameras but also on their social media accounts.

Marion noted that while social media is a fantastic way of reaching a much wider audience, television is "bigger" and players can post their thoughts on their social media account in conjunction with players participating in their usual press conferences and interviews.

Earlier this week, it was also reported that a longtime NBA legend finally retired, Vince Carter. 

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