Naya Rivera Says Ryan Dorsey Is A "Pushover" Parent Shortly Before Her Arrest - Is That Why She Hit Him?

Naya Rivera Says Ryan Dorsey Is A "Pushover" Parent Shortly Before Her Arrest - Is That Why She Hit Him?
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Seven days before police arrested Naya Rivera for domestic battery, the former Glee actress opened up during an interview about who is the "push-over" parent in the relationship between herself and Ryan Dorsey. As you may know, the pair shares a two-year-old son, Josey.

When speaking with Us Weekly, she said, "I'm A-type," and that their young boy likes a schedule. She explained, "I'm not crazy like we can't deviate, but I think Josey listens to me a little bit more." When the journalist asked her who is the pushover, she unhesitatingly said, "Ryan."

However, according to Naya, it's because Ryan is a "Cancer." She said he's a "very sensitive man."

Celebrity Insider reported on Saturday, November 25th that Dorsey called the cops after she hit her husband, Dorsey, on the head and in the lip while they were walking in West Virginia, Chesapeake.

According to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office, alcohol may have contributed to their altercation. The pair allegedly argued over their two-year-old.

Naya - who starred on Fox's Glee as Santana Lopez - filed for divorce from Dorsey back in November of 2016 after they had been married for two years. She asked for primary custody of their son, but they reconciled not long after and Naya withdrew her request for sole custody.

However, after a charge for domestic battery, it looks like Dorsey will win a custody battle if they ever decide to separate again. Despite their tumultuous relationship, they've had good moments as a cohesive family. During the Alliance Of Moms' Raising Baby event, Rivera said she, Dorsey, and Josey love listening to music and going out to dinner. They even head to Disneyland sometimes.


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