Naturi Naughton Said Something In A Video That Got On Kiely Williams' Nerves -- Will Adrienne Bailon Help Expose The Truth About The 3LW Days?

Naturi Naughton Said Something In A Video That Got On Kiely Williams' Nerves -- Will Adrienne Bailon Help Expose The Truth About The 3LW Days?
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Can someone call Adrienne Bailon and ask to settle the feud between Naturi Naughton and former girl group 3LW member Kiely Williams.

This week, the Kentucky Fried Chicken fight that occurred between the ladies years ago came back in the news after the Power actress spoke about it on TV One's Uncensored .

Naturi stated that Kentucky Fried Chicken was thrown in her face and the girls left her stranded in the food chain's parking lot.

Naturi explained: "And there was some names called, some profanities thrown, [then] she turned around, Kiely, and threw a plate of food, mashed potatoes, chicken [and] whatever else was in there, in my face. I got out the car, and I was just like, I'm going home. I was not given a gift to sing to deal with this...Real talk, this is not what I'm supposed to be doing. If you all don't see me, and you all don't appreciate me, someone else will. They drove off with that driver and left me in the parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia."

Kiely responded in a video: "I'm over here being a mom, literally bothering no one, and I hear, 'Naturi Naughton tells all what really happened at KFC. I let that s**t go... But then I hear that not only did I pie her in the face with chicken and mashed potatoes, [but] we left her on the side of the road."

She added: "First of all, no we didn't, and second of all, why? Why would you need to make up new lies? Were the old ones not working anymore?... I'm not in the entertainment industry anymore. I'm a mom. I'm over here. You are on a hit television show. Why do you need this?"

Fans are bashing Kiely because Adrienne previously apologized to Naturi for the incident.

One person said this: "If it wasn’t true why would Adrienne apologize? The truth is they where young and immature at the time, being teenagers who bully each other... we all make mistakes, all they have to do is apologize to each other and move on... but Naturi has the right to tell her story.. what matters is the growth."

Another fan revealed: "What does her not being in the entertainment industry and being a mom has to do with anything...Girl something happened for Adrienne to apologize to her when she appeared on the real. Own it and move on. Because it’s her truth victims remember more than the abusers #Istandwithnaturi. "

This music fan explained: "Everyone got bullied in school, and when you get older the bully never remembers what they did? Same thing. There are no holes in Naturi's statements about what happened, and she is only speaking about it because she is reflecting on that moment in her life where things went bad. Just because you don't remember it as she did doesn't mean it didn't happen."

Will Naturi respond to this latest attack?


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