Natalie Portman's Alleged Stalker Said He Was Keanu Reeves' Character John Wick, Reports Say

Natalie Portman's Alleged Stalker Said He Was Keanu Reeves' Character John Wick, Reports Say
Credit: Source: Natalie Portman/Vogue

Natalie Portman's alleged stalker was charged in court for violating a restraining order the actress was granted against the man after he was arrested on her property. According to reports, his real name is  James Pearce, but he has approached Natalie Portman saying his name is John Wick. According to reports, Portman first spotted the alleged stalker on her property at the end of January and he has rung her intercom multiple times trying to get access to the Black Swan star.

Reports also state that when LAPD spoke to Pearce, he allegedly stated he was John Wick and said he had spoken to Natalie Portman telepathically.

The Blast has followed the story since it broke and obtained court documents pertaining to the case. The report indicates at the initial encounter, Pearce wouldn't respond to his given name but only to the name John.

Natalie was granted a temporary restraining order which the suspect allegedly violated and has been granted a restraining order against the suspect for at least the next five years.

On March 29, 2019, TMZ broke the news that the alleged stalker, James Pearce, had violated the permanent restraining order that barred him from coming within 100 yards of herself, her husband Benjamin Millepied, her son Aleph and daughter Amalia.

The violation resulted in an arrest and now Portman's stalker may soon face charges and a judge. Reports stated that when Pearce was apprehended the first time, he was subjected to a mental health evaluation and hold.

According to reports, Natalie Portman has successfully avoided all direct contact with the perpetrator and left the home before police showed up and made their arrest in the latest violation.

Natalie Portman has been spotted in public multiple times since news of the alleged stalker and arrest has gone public. She was seen in her Los Angeles neighborhood walking and meeting friends. It is unclear whether James Pearce remains in custody or has been released.

According to TMZ's latest reporting, Pearce faces one year behind bars if convicted for criminal stalking.

TMZ reported the following.

"The man -- who cops say claims he's the movie character from "John Wick" -- has been caught outside Natalie's home multiple times. We're told he tried to gain access to Portman's property back in January, cops showed up and he was placed on a psychiatric hold. If he's convicted for violating the restraining order, he could be looking at up to one year in L.A. County Jail."

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


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