Natalie Portman Shares Her Story On Sexual Assault

Natalie Portman Shares Her Story On Sexual Assault
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Natalie Portman revealed her personal story of sexual misconduct in Hollywood following the cascade of allegations against many figures in the entertainment industry. According to The Black Swan actress, she had a producer invite her on a private plane with him, but when she arrived, it was merely Natalie and the producer, rather than a group of people like initially stated.

Portman revealed there was a "bed made on the plane" and she immediately got out of there because it "made her feel uncomfortable." Although she was never assaulted, it was a troubling experience, because she didn't expect an indirect proposition.

Furthermore, Portman stated that there had been many incidents of harassment in Hollywood that "people put up with for reasons of just being numb to it" from the ubiquitousness of such behavior.

Natalie said she has been "so lucky that I haven't had this." She added, " I have never been assaulted."

As you may know, Natalie isn't the only woman to come out with allegations of sexual misconduct against high-powered people in Hollywood.

The list is endless, with names such as Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, and Louis CK all accused of sexual and professional transgressions.

The wave of allegations came to fruition not long after the New York Times, and The New Yorker published exposé's detailing claims levied against Harvey Weinstein.

Soon after, the floodgates opened, and many women spoke out about prior harassment including against Hollywood stars like Richard Dreyfuss.

Most recently, Al Franken was shunned from the entertainment and political world after Leeann Tweeden accused him of groping her while she slept and attempting to "forcibly" kiss her while on a tour of the Middle East.


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