Nas Says He Likes Verzuz But He Doesn't Want To Appear On It

Nas Says He Likes Verzuz But He Doesn't Want To Appear On It
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There are a lot of Nas fans out there who are hoping that one day he might appear on Verzuz, but it looks like this won't be coming to fruition anytime soon, Hot New Hip Hop revealed today.

Earlier this year, Verzuz became a massive phenomenon amid the coronavirus pandemic, with many rap fans sitting at home without much to do. Fans took to their social media accounts this year to ask what it would be like for one of the greatest to hop on.

In recent news, Juicy J petitioned to be included on Verzuz and he claimed he'd like to go up against Nas , who famously dropped Illmatic , a rap album that's known for contributing to the revival of the East Coast hip-hop scene.

During a recent conversation with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, the legendary rapper claimed he had no time or interest to appear on Verzuz. You can check out the interview below:

Nas claimed he recently spoke with Swizz Beatz, one of the creators of the rap battling platform, and he asked him who was going to appear on it next. He's "really a fan," but Swizz Beatz knows Nas isn't trying to do anything like that anytime soon.

Verzuz fans know it's been in the headlines a number of times this past year, including when 2 Chainz and Rick Ross went toe-to-toe in a rap battle that was described as "low-energy" by many of their fans.

In the aftermath, 2 Chainz claimed the reason why he and Rick Ross weren't going really hard was that they didn't want to outshine each other. He described it as a "celebration" of their hit songs over the years, and it wasn't overly competitive.

Additionally, Bow Wow was asked by some of his fans on social media if he would also appear on Verzuz, but he said no. In response, Timbaland mocked Bow Wow and said he didn't even have enough hit songs to be on it, to begin with.

Bow Wow said the "Bow Wow era" "was nothing to play with."

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